Mode offers a range of printers to suit your business needs. You don’t need to know which printer you need, or spend valuable time researching the options – just speak to one of our Account Managers and we will tailor a solution around your business requirements.

Our independent status means we work with a range of manufacturers to ensure that we have the right solution to meet your needs and ethics. As well as performing within your requirements, all our printers have been responsibly manufactured by suppliers who have carbon offsetting/reduction schemes both in the UK and abroad.


Xerox Printers

  • Xerox are one of the world’s leaders in document technology and printing.
  • Their name is now synonymous with print reproduction – many people will remember the term “I’ll Xerox it”
  • Their brand is instantly recognised and respected for innovation.
  • Xerox printers operate efficiently and effectively, which is why they’re a good choice for a huge range of businesses.

Whether a Xerox solution is right for you depends on your additional hardware and software needs.


Ricoh Printers

  • RICOH provide document services, software, and hardware (including printers).
  • Ideal for modernising workplaces and increasing profitability by decreasing your print costs and print energy consumption.
  • RICOH printers are perfect for businesses that want to streamline services and create a total document IT solution from a single provider.

We often recommend RICOH to businesses that prioritise security and sustainability.