Ricoh Printers

Ricoh manufacture a range of black and white and colour printers. The black and white options are ideal for small offices that only print documents, and provide an extremely affordable solution for smaller print volumes. Ricoh’s colour printers are fantastic for high-speed, high-quality printing with low running costs.

Ricoh’s machines can print from between 20 and 55 pages per minute, and are an excellent solution for workspaces with high print volumes and requirements. Colour touch panels make these printers incredibly easy to use, while selected models have ECO Night Sensors to reduce energy consumption while the office is closed.

Improve Workflow

Ricoh printers come with a variety of workflow solutions which are easily integrated into your printing package. Smart reports can help you monitor and track device usage and user behaviour to analyse and control costs, while card authentication options give your users a simple way to protect sensitive information.

Choosing the Right Device

Most offices will require more functionality than simple printing. Ricoh’s MFDs are a fantastic fit for a range of offices and still come as purely black and white machines or high-quality colour printers. Let us know what your requirements are, and we’ll ensure that you have the perfect machine for your office.

Mode Print Solutions is a Premier Partner of Ricoh in the UK for the supply of Digital Business Solutions. They pride themselves on a customer centric approach along with professional account management and support. Mode have the ability to provide the whole Ricoh Portfolio and we are happy to partner and support Mode Print Solutions in supplying Ricoh equipment.
Paul Cheetham, Indirect Sales Director, Ricoh

Ricoh Troubleshooting

How do I replace the Print Cartridge?


  • Do not incinerate toner (new or used) or toner containers. Doing so risks burns. Toner will ignite on contact with naked flame.
  • Do not store toner (new or used) or toner containers anywhere near naked flames. Doing so risks fire and burns. Toner will ignite on contact with naked flame.
  • Do not use the cleaner to suck spilled toner (including used toner). Sucked toner may cause firing or explosion due to electrical contact flickering inside the cleaner. However, it is possible to use the cleaner designed for dust explosion-proof purpose. If toner is spilled over the floor, sweep up spilled toner slowly and clean remainder with wet cloth.


  • Do not crush or squeeze toner containers. Doing so can cause toner spillage, possibly resulting in dirtying of skin, clothing, and floor, and accidental ingestion.
  • Store toner (new or used), toner containers, and components that have been in contact with toner out of reach of children.
  • If toner or used toner is inhaled, gargle with plenty of water and move into a fresh air environment. Consult a doctor if necessary.
  • If toner or used toner gets into your eyes, flush immediately with large amounts of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.
  • If toner or used toner is swallowed, dilute by drinking a large amount of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.
  • When removing jammed paper or replacing toner, avoid getting toner (new or used) on your clothing. If toner comes into contact with your clothing, wash the stained area with cold water. Hot water will set the toner into the fabric and make removing the stain impossible.
  • When removing jammed paper or replacing toner, avoid getting toner (new or used) on your skin. If toner comes into contact with your skin, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.
  • When replacing a toner or waste toner container or consumables with toner, make sure that the toner does not splatter. Put the waste consumables in a bag after they are removed. For consumables with a lid, make sure that the lid is shut.


  • Always replace the toner cartridge when a notification appears on the device.
  • Fault may occur if you use toner other than the recommended type.
  • When adding toner, do not turn off the main power. If you do, settings will be lost.
  • Store toner where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, temperatures above 35°C (95°F), or high humidity.
  • Store toner horizontally.
  • Do not shake the toner cartridge with its mouth down after removing it. Residual toner may scatter.
  • Do not repeatedly install and remove toner cartridges. This will result in toner leakage.

To replace the toner cartridge, follow these steps.

  1. Open the front cover.


  2. Pull out the empty toner bottle carefully.From the right, the bottle cartridges are installed in the order of black (K), cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y).



  3. Take the new bottle out of the box and shake it for seven or eight times.



  4. Remove the bottle cap and insert it gently to the direction shown below until it locks.



  5. Push up the front cover until it closes.