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Where confidential information is concerned, it’s important to ensure that only authorised users have access to sensitive documents. Secure printing is easy to set up and maintain through both print hardware and software, ensuring that control can be maintained over when and where items are printed, and by whom.

Secure Printing to Suit Your Needs

Our suppliers help to produce millions of secure documents every year, in finance, education, government, healthcare and law. Security printing options range from simply using the locked print function to ‘hold’ the print job until you reach the printer and key in your code, using ‘follow me’ printing to release the job at a time and place convenient to you, through to creating tailored print environments where every part of the printing process has been secured and requires authorisation. These measures can be particularly useful for HR and Finance departments, and for anyone dealing with confidential information.

Complete Data Security

Secure printing also addresses potentially vulnerable areas in your data security. While many businesses are concerned with firewalls and cyber security, print security is often overlooked. MFDs and printers tend to be in public areas that are accessible to a variety of staff, contractors and even the general public, which makes it very easy to accidentally expose sensitive data to a range of unauthorised viewers.

Just 22% of businesses currently make the security of printed documents a priority, despite handling a range of sensitive information. However, 66% of Finance companies have experienced at least one print-related data breach, and the figures are even higher within the Public Sector. Secure printing can be maintained as part of your complete Print Management Solution or simply as an add-on to a particular machine to keep your data, your staff and your clients safe.

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