Secure Printing by Industry

Many offices need secure printing, even if they don’t work in an industry that has confidentiality requirements.

Whether you have a legal department in house, or work for a private company where you would like to ensure that your company accounts are kept confidential, secure printing is an essential way to maintain data security. Industries with a legal requirement to maintain data security need to start seeing print security as an essential part of their strategy.

Finance Security

The finance industry tends to understand the importance of print security.

In a recent survey:

  • 50% of businesses surveyed have suffered a breach of security due to poor print processes.
  • 16% have had more than one occurrence, leaving just over a third who haven’t had any issues.

The finance sector is one of the leaders in implementing release printing and proper print security processes, with 56% already implementing some systems to decrease the threat of security breaches through printing.

Public Sector

Unfortunately, the public sector is one that suffers the most print-related security breaches, but the least likely to implement systems to prevent it in future.

  • Only 10% of public service offices surveyed had no print-based security breaches
  • 55% had suffered at least one occurrence
  • 35% had more than one
  • Leaving only 10% who hadn’t experienced this form of security breach at all.

Despite these figures, none of the public sector respondents surveyed had implemented systems such as release printing to decrease their risk and only 26% are investigating it as an option.

Professional Services

The professional services industry tends to have a good understanding of the need to implement secure print processes to ensure that they do not expose their clients’ data to third parties.

  • 46% have already implemented release printing.
  • 46% of professional services firms have experienced one occurrence of a print related data breach and 25% have had more than one.